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The University of Edinburgh will be holding a masterclass in practical philosophy -- ethics, metaethics, political philosophy -- on March 12th, 2015 we This is for MA/MSc/BPhil/MLitt/MRes (etc) level students from any institution. If you are interested in these areas of philosophy then please consider coming along!

For information and registration details see here:


Yours faithfully,

Guy Fletcher

BPPA Conference 2015 CFO

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Invitation for Applications
to Organise and Host the Annual Conference and Careers Day 2015

The BPPA Annual Conference
Now in its 18th year, the BPPA annual conference began in 1997 with the dual aims of featuring the highest quality postgraduate work in philosophy, and finding creative ways to satisfy the development needs of current graduate students. The preferred format includes a traditional two-day postgraduate philosophy conference, and an entire day devoted to career preparation. To our knowledge, this particular programme is not offered by any other graduate philosophy conference in the world. The format has proved to be widely successful and the BPPA are always open to further innovation so as to benefit the diverse expectations of the current postgraduate community.

Call for Nominations

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting on September 10th at The British Postgraduate Philosophy Conference at The University of Leeds.

Report from British Philosophical Association Executive Meeting

In December 2013 BPPA were asked to nominate a postgraduate representative to the Executive Committee of the BPA. At the subsequent BPPA committee meeting Neil McDonnell was nominated.

Prior to meeting with the executive the BPPA committee met to discuss what issues could be raised. An email had been sent asking regional reps to forward what concerns they wished to have raised but no issues were forthcoming. Three items were agreed:

Minorities and Philosophy

*Posted on behalf of MAP*

To interested academic philosophers in the UK:

In order to examine and address issues of participation faced by minority and underrepresented groups in academic philosophy (e.g. gender, race, native-language, sexual orientation, class, and disability minorities), a number of UK departments have recently started to build a UK network of chapters of MAP ( www.mapforthegap.com ).

White Rose Philosophy

Announcement: BPPA 2014 Conference

Call for Organisers: Second BPPA Masterlass of 2014

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Invitation for Applications
to organise and host the second Masterclass of 2014

The BPPA Annual Masterclasses:

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association puts on two Masterclasses each year. The aim of the BPPA masterclass is to promote focused work and development, as well as professional interaction, in the postgraduate community.

BPPA Annual Conference 2014, University of Leeds

British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Annual Conference 2014, University of Leeds, 9-12th September.

Call for Attention to Postgraduate students in Philosophy (part- or full- time MA, MPhil, PhD) in the UK and further afield.

BPPA Masterclass: Epistemic Values and Intellectual Virtues

2014 BPPA Masterclass: Epistemic Values and Intellectual Virtues, with Prof. Duncan Pritchard and Dr. Allan Hazlett

University of Edinburgh, 11th-12th June 2014

We are glad to announce that the University of Edinburgh will host the BPPA (The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association) masterclass, Epistemic Values and Intellectual Virtues. The masterclass is led by two internationally renowned philosophers on this topic, Prof. Duncan Pritchard and Dr. Allan Hazlett. We warmly invite you to join us.


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