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Group Blogging is back!

Hi folks, this website is once again open to registration from postgrad students and professionals worldwide in philosophy and related disciplines. Perhaps the main reason to register is to get access to the group blogging functionality. Following registration, you'll be able to run your own blog in this website, with your posts advertised along with everyone else's on the front page. So feel free to write in which philosophical thoughts, requests for people to read your latest paper, philosophy announcements, and maybe even some fun to provide an antidote to any overly stressful brow-furrowing.

Three things to note when you register: (1) to prevent spammers, your registration will be checked by a human being. So please be a little patient :-) (2) It helps if you register using your institutional email address, so that we can verify who you are. And (3) please register using your real name or something similar, cos it helps to make our website look friendly. Spaces and hyphens are allowed, so when Barack Obama registers (any day now), he'll be able to choose "Barack Obama" as his username.

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